We use technologies focused on security, speed, reliability and scalability. These factors are essential in order to deliver premium quality software.


PostgreSQL is our database of choice. Its primary function is to store data securely, supporting best practices, and to allow for retrieval at the request of other software applications.

Ruby on Rails framework is a backbone of all our applications, one of best existing backend frameworks. With RoR we can create agile, scalable web applications. RoR provides array of modules and libraries and can be easily customised to serve anyone’s purpose. –¬†thanks to websockets¬†technology our apps works in real time. Saving data is instantaneous, and whenever it happens all users see new content without reloading page.

Angular JS is our frontend framework is responsible for all content shown on customers display. Most of our features: graphs, schedules, interactive menus are powered by AngularJS. Highly customizable, fast and agile.

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